Dec 30, 2018

Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions


Any order on FlexMobile  involves irrevocably the acceptance by the Buyer of the present General Terms and Conditions.
FlexMobile  reserves the right to modify its service without the other formality than the presence of an on-line warning and to wear the modifications which result from it in the present General Terms and Conditions.
The applicable General Terms and Conditions are the ones current in the day of the Validation of the order validated by an electronic signature, by a “click” of the Buyer.
In every case the Buyer is presumed to have acquainted with the General Terms and Conditions and to have accepted them by the Validation of the order.


Purchase orders are concluded exclusively and directly between FlexMobile and the relevant customers.
FlexMobile gives registered users the opportunity to buy goods for sale on the virtual platform. These offers are not generally binding and only apply as long as stocks last.


Only registered users of the web store operated by FlexMobile are able to make full use of the services offered by FlexMobile .

Prospective users must register by completing in full and accurately the registration form available online. FlexMobile is entitled to terminate the contract without notice.
The services provided by FlexMobile and, in particular, all the data and information on the web store of FlexMobile are available to users only for their own direct use. Users are not permitted to forward product-, offer- or company-related data or personal data which they acquire to third parties or to sell the data.

When FlexMobile gives users access to the platform, it provides them with a user login and password. Users must keep this data under lock and key and must not allow third parties to access it. Users are liable for all breaches of contract or of the law committed using or caused by their access data. Users must inform FlexMobile of any misuse of their data as soon as they become aware of it.

FlexMobile is entitled to block users themselves, including their user accounts, and to prevent users from using the website, if they breach the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, common decency, current law or the rights of third parties, or if FlexMobile has a legitimate interest in blocking the user. A blocked account cannot be reinstated and no claims can be made for reinstatement. Users cannot submit claims for any damages which result from them being blocked.


The information supplied on the site is FlexMobile’s property, establishes in no way to them only a Contract. On the other hand the information given by the Buyer when he is connected on FlexMobile’s web store establishes an Offer of Purchase with acceptance of the present General Terms and Conditions. Following this offer, FlexMobile will send to the Buyer a Confirmation of Order resuming in particular the price of the goods, the associated services including taxes there concerned, and the total amount to be paid by the Buyer. An indication of delivery deadline is supplied.
The Contract is supposed to be formed the day of the sending of the e-mail of Confirmation of Order to the Buyer and after reception of the payment of the amount of the order on the bank account of FlexMobile.


Without prejudice of what precedes both Parts declare to accept that the exchanged e-mails and the realized respective computing recordings are allowed as Proof of the contract which connects them.


The payment must be effective from the order according to the means of payment retained by the Buyer:

  • Payment by OneVoucher, Incredible Voucher and credit/debit.

When the payment is effective the order is recorded and an e-mail of Confirmation of payment is sent to the Buyer.


FlexMobile would not know how to be held for responsible of the concluded non-fulfillment of the contract, due in the emergence of an event of major force.
FlexMobile will incur no responsibility for any consequential damage because of the present, operating loss, loss of profit, damage or expenses, which could undergo the Buyer.


Since the visitor of the site decides to make a purchase, it is anxious to supply its identity and indispensable personal information for the execution of the order.
This information can be used by FlexMobile to broadcast spontaneous offers or commercial information to its customers or visitors having supplied their e-mail address.
FlexMobile makes a commitment not to reveal or to give up this personal information to quite other company or natural person.


The complete contents of the site are FlexMobile’s exclusive property. Any partial or total copy is forbidden without our written authorization, every offender exposes himself to a legal action for achievement on our intellectual property right.