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Prepaid Voice over Data - Data bundles - Insurance

Prepaid Voice Over Data

Add a second number to your phone with Flex Mobile. This app is perfect for small-business owners and others who want two lines but only one phone.


Just enter your number and password given and you are set to make a phone call. Flex Mobile system allows prepaid customers to acquire a second number.


Customers can recharge using OneVoucher Flash nationwide, and credit/debit cards. Flex Mobile Minutes are 3 X cheaper and cost effective compared to mobile rates.


As a wholesale entrepreneur bring your community and create business opportunities for your customers, while at the same time receiving highly desirable business commission.


Cost effective Insurance for All.

FlexMobile is a Prepaid Voice Over Data: WiFi, 3G, LTE, Fiber, xDSL

Flexmobile Turnkey Solution
Everything about FlexMobile Turnkey Solution.

VoIP Minutes and VoIP Management systems conform a turnkey solution that is fully integrated to Porta billing. In South Africa most of the large Services Providers have acquired Porta Billing but they have never exploited the prepaid segment until now. The VoIP Minutes system allows Voice over Data recharge minutes 24/7 via the VoIP Minutes integrated system. The VoIP Minutes system allows prepaid customers to acquire a second number and recharge VoIP Minutes at cost effective rates compared to mobile ones. The VoIP management system has been built around a new business model based on wholesale and retail customers. Wholesale customers are entities specialized in targeting captive retail store market segment offering saving strategies that are packaged for store employees, and at the same time store owners receive in return sales commissions as well. In a nutshell, the Voice over Data Minutes & Management turnkey solution offers: VoIP number acquisition VoIP prepaid recharge VoIP Balance Charging & Invoicing Admin backend o Create / update / delete / search Admin Wholesaler and Store users Products o Commission management Wholesale Stores o RICA User registration User account activation / deactivation Registered / non- registered user report

  • Call from anywhere to anywhere in the world using WiFi, 3G/LTE

  • Call any network at cost effective rates compared to mobile ones

  • Flash traders, PEP stores, Shoprite, Ackermans